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Growth, Death and Decay – Kasvu, kuolema ja hajoaminen, Gallery Hämärä

Heidi Pietarinen, Satu Miettinen, Melanie Sarantou, Tomi Knuutila, Outi Valanto ja Terhi Marttila: Growth, Death and Decay – Kasvu, kuolema ja hajoaminen 9.–25.11.2021, Gallery Hämärä, University of Lapland, Yliopistonkatu 8, Rovaniemi. The exhibition is focusing on growth, death and decay as bioart. The artworks presents how both organic material growth as well as processing data includes rhythm, movement and sounds.
In recent artistic research work one of the topics has been the idea of placemaking, “Placemaking through Performance”. The meaning of placemaking is connected with the tradition of cultural geography (Lew 2017) and is associated with the sense of place (Othman et. al. 2013). Different cultural groups can imprint values, perceptions, memories, and traditions on a landscape and give meaning to geographic space (Rose-Redwood & Alderman 2011)..

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