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Everything Will Change at Visual Catalysts exhibition, Backlight festival in Tampere

Visual Catalysts

Culture House Laikku
Keskustori 4, Tampere
Tue–Fri 9–21, Sat–Sun 10–18, Mon closed
Free entry

This series consists of photographs around the thematic of climate change. These represent collaborative work with several communities both in the arctic Lapland as well as with the communities in South Africa and wanderings or walkabouts in the natural parks of Lapland. The pictures are shifting form one location to another, layered on top of each other. 
In Cape Town, South Africa, the local community had to move away to give space to Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The workshop took place with local university teachers and artists thinking about the fundamentals of sustainability creating an installation of plastic flowers imitating the real ones found in Kirstenbosch. 
The Lapland photos were taken in training workshop for reconciliation around Sámi questions. The questions of sustainability have implicit notion of transformation or shift included in them. To achieve balance within natural environment there is always need for transformation whether it is natural and results of the Anthropocene.

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