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The Gate of Mandalas Installation with Bridge to Nowhere Arts

It was wonderful to continue our margin-to-margin collaboration with Bridge to Nowhere Arts Association in Port Pirie, Australia. Researcher and artist Melanie Sarantou initiated this contact some time back through workshop and discussions about the dreams and future orientation that Bridge to Nowhere Artists were thinking about. This took place through face-to-face meetings and facebook thread continuing into workshop around mandala’s of life woven into an old gate that received a second life through international artists collaboration. Artists association had prepared natural and textile materials that could be woven into the gate. Me, Melanie and artist Sherrie Jones collaborated on gate project with the association. Our collaboration with Sherrie had started already way back in Fowlers Bay and in Helinä museum with workshops and exhibitions.

We worked three days with the gate, starting with creating a mandala from natural materials around closeby damn. The idea was to think about one’s lifecycle and create this in a shape of mandala as ephmeral installation that can just be vanishing in time and natural conditions. In next days the mandalas continued to take shape woven and attached in the gate now woven with recycled and textile materials. The finished gate was set up in the community for six following weeks.

Mandalas are about weaving repeating balanced pattern in harmony. Letting mind be in peace, just focusing on craft and handiwork in rythym. This created great place to welcome each others small stories and friendship. The weaving together, sharing stories and working with collaborative stories was an amazing Bridge to Nowhere Arts experience. Thank you all the local artists for collaboration.







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