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Relate North Tradition and Innovation Exhibition. Syktyvkar, Russia.

poeticperipheries_4 kopio (1)poeticperipheries_12poeticperipheries_7Tiina's mother_3

Tiina’s mother 1-4 30x 40 cm fine art print on aluminium board

Poetic Peripheries goes to Relate North Tradition and Innovation  Exhibition. Syktyvkar, Russia. November 11.-19.11. 2019



Tiina’s mother photographic series is about discovering the lives of the women and their families living in the arctic. There are some remote communities like Peltovuoma in trhe Finnish Lapland that welcome family for visits and carry out the memories of childhood winters. These communities bloom in the summer time when white nights prevail and one can see the silent growth and buzz of nature. These moments are needed to recuperate for the forthcoming winter and darkness. It is so difficult to go to sleep when you want to restore the light in your skin and remember this for the forthcoming darkeness. Summer includes the visits of more far away family to revitalize your relationships and origins in the north. Visits of more remote family member bring the familiarity of the locations, names and geographies that you learnt as a child in our focus and attention. These pictures are about connecting with Tiina’s mother and family history in far north. It’s important to keep the collective memory and even cherish some locations where the families come together.


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