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Winter Garden exhibition

Winter Garden is a collaborative art project for creating a winter garden in the middle of the dark season ”kaamos”. Winter garden is located in F-house, Gallery Lyhty 5.12. – 19.12.2017. The plants will be the exhibition guests enjoying from plant light, watering and care. People can also join me for caring of the plants. The plants can be picked up on the second week of January.

Taking care of plants is a narrative practice. This I have already learned when receiving people’s plants into care. There are loads of stories about how the plants have coped during vacation time surrounded by water sources and chain of watering carers. Many plants are gifts from colleagues or relatives for some significant day like the 60th birthday or some other major milestone. I hope to catch one or two of these stories to vimeo.

I’ve been happy and impressed of receiving plants for the winter garden. Many thanks for those who brought their plants! Please, if you still have plants just bring them over. A good innovation is to use cooler box to protect the plant during transport.


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