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Sneak peek to “Piece of Heaven” workshop

It has been quite something to see that “Piece of Heaven” project with artists communities in Namibia, Southern Australia, Russia and Finland has become such a successful project. In Southern Australia Southern Cross News filmed the Fibrespace artists discussing “Piece of Heaven” installation and Margin-to-margin project: Southern Cross News on Piece of Heaven and Margin to Margin (see the video from 12 minutes onwards). I couldn’t be happier and more proud of knowing artists from all these countries contributing their time, wisdom, skills and creative powers in the project. Here you’ll find Fibrespace artists video on their “Piece of Heaven” Fibrespace artists “Piece of Heaven” on vimeo. 23414356_129921707716880_1886567882_n

I was also shared a sneak peak to Artsup Streaky Bay’s contribution to the installation.

Some weeks back I was lucky enough to participate and see Textile and fashion designer Maria Caley co-ordinating UNAM students and alumni from Windhoek, Namibia working with their “Piece of Heaven”. These pictures you’ll see above.

Piece of Heaven from Murmansk is changing hands in forthcoming weeks and in the beginning of December  (Monday the 4th of December, 2017 9am-2pm) we’ll be working with the Finnish “Piece of Heaven”. Slow by slow the installation is getting together and network of artists getting stronger. I couldn’t me more grateful to all my beautiful friends helping me out.

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