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98 women touched by art during Margin-to-Margin project at Helinä museum exhibition

Margin-to-margin project is coming to an end. The project has demonstrated that art enables the women living in the outback to process and modify their roles as artists, researchers, friends, wife’s and mothers.  Mastering craftsmanship empowers the women. Technical knowledge, mastering the materials and connection to local culture creates self-appreciation and help in coping with change. The project has involved 98 women from 10 countries. Collaboration in workshops has enabled sharing of  knowledge and skills as well as sharing of personal stories and support to each others. Workshops have created new ways for self expression.

Geographical location influences both on your artwork and life. Exhibition “Naisia maailman laidalla – Margin to margin” at Helinä Rautavaara museum introduces cleaver, resourceful  and solution orientated women who cope with challenges of geographical isolation, marginalization and migrations. Everyday hardship is to find employment as well as the long distances. Social media and networking help in finding opportunities. For some, the livelihood in the outback has been conscious decision some are struggling between staying and leaving. Please visit our exhibition 6.9.2017 – 7.1. 2018 at Helinä-museo in Espoo.

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