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Mandalas on the Sand Installation on the Arctic Sea


Traveling up to the Arctic Sea to draw mandalas on the sand. Listening to the sounds of waves and water, crisp sound of sand cracking under the wooden stick. Learning from each others’ womanhood. Mediation and peace. Continuing the story of the mandalas from Australia to the Arctic Sea.

Beautiful video by Taina Kontio


Memories from the summer turn into autumn. Women working with movement, revitalization and roots in the beautiful shores of Teno-river. Wonderful discussions, driven kilometers and  swam waters. Beautiful friends in my memories of summer.

Unique women’s road trip picturing the north along the river Teno and the Ice Sea. Letting the stories of childhood sunk in. What can be revitalized and discussed? What kind of complexities lie in the histories for us to learn and understand?

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